Renewable Energy

With the ever increasing requests and desire for reduced running costs incorporated with regulation changes for sustainable power products, CPG has spent a lot of time on research and development with many companies to trial new and often untested systems to endeavor to ensure the products are fit for purpose within the Australian market and often extreme conditions.

Integration of Solar PV & Battery StorageContract Power often provides assistance at its venues and at its own cost to give these companies real life testing grounds to showcase there products to Contract Power, providing insight into the systems, its theories and often its flaws in a controlled test environment. Contract Power has always strived to be at the forefront of reducing operating costs, often trialing new engines and products on the market.

Hybrid Systems Australia entered the market to compliment Contract Power Groups portfolio and focus on working together to strive for the perfect solution and number of increasing requests for renewable energy sources. Hybrid Systems Australia who is a relatively young company with the foresight to see the emerging gap in the market with the increased demand for low cost power supplies and reduction targets in reliance on fossil fuel power generation are working closely with Contract Power Group to create solutions for the future.

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