Fortnum Gold Mine – 5 MW

The Fortnum Gold mine has a chequered and interesting past, having been first developed by Homestake Mining in the late 1980’s.

It was a green fields site and the gold plant was purchased and then relocated from Chevron’s Mount Wilkinson gold site near Wiluna WA in 1998-9.

The first power station deployed there was a Modra built 4 MW containerised station. Perilya purchased the site after its closure in the 90’s and revamped the plant, it went back into production only to close again in early 2000. At this stage a new company, Glen Eagle Gold acquired interests in the asset and re commenced operations in 2007.

CPM has been involved with this site since the early 90’s and in 2007 provided a new 5 MW high speed station to power the facility.