Tullawaka – 6 MW

CPI commissioned a 5 megawatt refurbished power station on the Pangea Minerals site south west of Lake Victoria not far from the Rwandan Border. This power station was de-commissioned and removed by CPI from the Fortnum Gold mine located in the central Murchison district of Western Australia.

The power station originally went into service in 1998 and over the next 12 years underwent significant changes including updating of the original prime movers. The plant was sent back to CPG facilities in Perth WA and completely refurbished. A new control system was added along with new distribution boards and cabling.

The result was a finished product that did not show its origins. The benefit of this option was a considerable cost saving to the client over brand new equipment. Further testimony to Contract Power Groups “Go Any Where and Do Anything” Policy. Further upgrades have been carried out since and Contract Power provided the parts and commissioning.