About Us

Contract Power has been working in the power generation industry for the past 25 years within Australia and the global market, specialising in the design, procurement, installation and operation of remote diesel power stations. The demand for growth in remote areas where mining sources are rich has seen Contract Power Group thrive as a company that bases its values and beliefs in providing a product that is delivered on time, budget and reliability to a vast number of clients. Contract Power Group provides turn-key solutions for clients but also builds, owns and operates many of its own power stations providing power for both mining operations and remote town sites.

Contract Power was started in 1996 and was based heavily around the servicing requirements to the state government and electricity supply of servicing and maintaining remote WA communities. Contract Power was engaged by Central Norseman Gold mine to construct and operate a 9MW powerstation to service the mine and town. This was the start of a long and successful relationship and continues to operate today. From this point the company grew and received contracts to build several powerstations overseas and then adding a second station to its own and operate portfolio of Savannah Nickel in 2004 which is still in operation today.

The company was awarded several contracts with Fortescue Metals Group in 2006 and from this point forward the company grew rapidly to meet the demand of the iron ore boom within Western Australia, whilst still mainting the requirement for power projects in other sectors. Contract Power has now installed since its inception into the power generation market has installed 215MW within Australia and 50MW globally with a total of 265MW installed, most of which is still in operation today.

Contract Power has a staff of 44 which continues to grow and being a private enterprise still retains the values of a business that is based around morals and family beliefs. Leon Hodges has grown the company into a highly successful and motivated team of employees that retain the same values today which helps it to remain at the top of its market.