Power Stations

Contract Power can offer solutions for any power requirements of customers ranging from Build Own and Operate (BOO), Build Own Operate and Transfer (BOOT) and Turn Key packages. CPG has owned and maintained Power Stations since 1999, with some of these supply agreements still in place. (more…)

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Generator Rentals

Contract Power has solutions for any rental requirements consisting of a fleet of generators ranging in size from 35 kVA enclosed to 1250 kVA enclosed. (more…)

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Operation And Maintenance

CPG offer the solution for sites that require a third party to operate and maintain there asset to a high level to a company that has an expansive knowledge and skill set in operating the stations safely and reliably to minimize downtime and maximize cost savings. CPG can offer short term or long term hire of staff and equipment for this scenario.

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Renewable Energy

With the ever increasing requests and desire for reduced running costs incorporated with regulation changes for sustainable power products, CPG has spent a lot of time on research and development with many companies to trial new and often untested systems to endeavor to ensure the products are fit for purpose within the Australian market and often extreme conditions.


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O&M Software System

Contract Power Group, with the assistance of a well established Perth based tech company, has designed and developed a cloud based Operations and Maintenance System for use at its Power Stations. (more…)

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